Shiraz Mixed Dozen



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Tasting Notes

Kangarilla Hill Classic Reds benefit from being opened for some time prior to drinking. This gives the wine time to ‘breathe’ and ‘open up’. However in today’s busy world the reality is that most people just open, pour and drink!
Here are two time saving ways to enhance your enjoyment of the wines –
  • Decant the bottle and serve from the decanter
  • Use an aerator
Our Wine Experts said the wines they tasted for us in May 2019 were also assessed for ‘Cellar-Ability’ and we are pleased to say they all passed with flying colours so we encourage you to buy some to drink now and some to put down for future enjoyment.

Shiraz Mixed Dozen (12 Bottles $165)
6 Bottles of each variety*

Shiraz Mixed Dozen includes:

6x 2015 Shiraz

6x 2016 Shiraz

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