About Kangarilla Hill Wines

Kangarilla Hill Wines are Classic Reds  –  single vineyard wines produced from grapes grown on the ‘Glengrove Estate’  in the Adelaide Hills overlooking McLaren Vale.  

Glengrove homestead – circa 1850 showing its Autumn colours.


WINE VARIETIES:  Shiraz, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Merlot, Merlot

SOLD IN PACKS OF TWELVE:  they include mixed dozens, straight varieties as well as a special collection of KANGARILLA HILL CLASSICS  which is a mixed dozen that includes a selection of mature and current varieties from 2004 to 2014.

FOR QUALITY WINE QUALITY FRUIT is a must . . . therefore  Kangarilla Hill Vineyards are managed to produce optimal quality fruit. If, in any year, the grape quality is deemed not ideal by our winemaker, wine will not be made from those grapes.

TRADITIONALLY  CRAFTED  . . .  hand plunged, basket pressed, matured in new and seasoned French and American Oak for eighteen months then cellared in ideal conditions prior to delivery to consumers.

DIRECT from the Producer  . . .  you won’t find Kangarilla Hill Wines in the big retail outlets. They are mainly distributed from the vineyard direct to consumer’s homes or businesses.

MINIMAL CHEMICALS are used in the vineyards . . .  once the grapes are picked the gates to the vineyards are opened and the sheep move in and eat the grass between the rows of vines. The sheep do a great job keeping the grass down which means minimal chemicals need to be used!

The grapes are picked by a combination of hand picking and mechanical harvesting.


The Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Merlot and Merlot are crafted to be good drinking on release from the vineyard and will develop complexity as they mature.

Recent FEEDBACK from customers . . .

The Museum Collections have been well received and confirm that Kangarilla Hill Wines are well worth cellaring.  Here are a couple of comments from consumers:

June 2018 – one of our regular buyers in Melbourne reported he opened a bottle of the 2005 Shiraz from the Museum Dozen and said it was magnificent drinking and gave it a FOUR STAR RATING.

July 2018 – one of our Sydney clients sent us a message reporting that he took a bottle of 2005 Shiraz to lunch to share with a group of friends.   It was up against some well established expensive wines and was well received.

One of the gentlemen at the lunch was HUON HOOKE, wine reviewer from The Real Review  and Sydney Morning Herald.  Huon Hooke reviewed the wine gave it Four Stars and 91 points!!

If you love mature reds, we do have just few cases of the 2005 Shiraz left and will sell for $18 a bottle in box of 6.  You’ll need to call Jan for this one on 0418 816 123.

 ALWAYS ALLOW THE WINE TIME TO ‘Breathe’  . . . Kangarilla Hill Wines are sealed with screw caps for longevity and convenience.  We recommend you open the bottles a good 20 minutes prior to drinking.  Alternatively decant or use an aerator.


If you have trouble ordering online please phone Jan  on 0418 816 123 or email info@kangarillahill.com.au.


Philip and Jan Boyd Turner

Delivering Classic Red Wines Direct from Producer to You !

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The Winemaker

Phil Christiansen

Phil has excellent wine making credentials –

McLaren Vale SA – Bordeaux and Languedoc France!

Phil learned his craft working in McLaren Vale and he travels to France to work in northern hemisphere vintages in the renowned Bordeaux  and Languedoc regions to further hone his wine making craft.

Producing small batch premium quality red  wines is his specialty.

Phil is an artisan whose philosophy is based on creating wines that are fruit dominant.  He creates Kangarilla Hill Classic Reds using traditional wine making methods with minimum intervention.   If seasonal conditions produce fruit that is not ideal – he will not make wine from that fruit!